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There are several factors to take into account when deciding on whether to start and how serious you want to learn. This article will outline some of these factors and how to go about building up an awesome pole dancing experience.

1. Do you like to dance?

One of the biggest things to consider is whether or not you enjoy dancing. This factor, as most people do not, can affect your attitude towards getting more serious dancing training. But if you know you are in for a great pole dancing experience, this is probably the most important factor of all. So, think long and hard before starting pole dancing and deciding it is right for you.

2. Does your dancing sound good?

Does your dancing sound exciting to you? This factor is also important to consider. Is it something you have done before? Or in the past? Is it something you would be comfortable with or are you at odds with your dancing style because you are new or if it sounds too much like that time you danced in high school? These two factors can cause you to want to ditch or start with something, if it doesn’t sound like an exciting challenge or you like to feel safe in dancing.

3. Are you comfortable with having things pulled on you?

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This factor is the same as above. Is this something you are comfortable with or does it sound like something you would not be comfortable with? Again, if it seems too much like one of your dancing styles, it might mean your dancing style is not right for pole dance.

4. Are you comfortable with being in a couple?

Do you dance regularly with your partner? If so, or have you known each other for a long time? Is this anything to do with sex? Or the feeling of knowing your partner is so attracted to you that they can’t help but look at you when they are dancing together?

If you find yourself wanting to ditch pole dancing in order to become more serious or less sexual, it is a good idea to spend some time just learning how to dance comfortably with your partner. A more confident partner can make all the difference between having an exciting dance experience or not.

5. Do you have a partner that has shown enthusiasm for pole dancing?

This step can lead to a more serious or casual dance experience, depending on the circumstances. What I mean by that is how comfortable each of you are being together is a big factor. Have there been issues with your partner or there has been

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