Where did pole dance originated?

This is a difficult question when it comes to pole, but when I was a kid, I had a pole teacher who would just teach you how to “be” a pole dancer, and the way that she did that was she would put these little boards underneath your pole. And she would ask you how hard you wanted to try to be a pole dancer. And to this day, people still ask me about this. And it really has only served to get me more interested in this subject. I think the best way to explain why pole dance has been a cultural phenomenon is to say that we’re really a part of a culture that is unique in the world, and that is the way culture begins.

So is it just pole dancing’s physicality you know?

You’re getting the lay of the land. We all like to see how people dance around us. It’s not unique to us alone. It’s just something that’s been created.

Why are some cultures so more focused on the idea of being a pole dancer?

There are a lot of similarities between pole dancing and the way we view our bodies. There’s a lot of similarities of body language, for example. That’s the difference here. But here, you’re dancing in a different way. You’re dancing so much more purposefully, and in a different style. There’s a big difference in this country, in my opinion, in the fact that most people are dancing around other people. Most people are dancing around other girls. The most people are dancing around women, so it’s got to be something different in this society. In countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and Brazil, you feel that that’s a part of who you are. It becomes part of what you are. You’re just not afraid of other people. I think that is the main similarity, at least from the cultural standpoint. It’s like being a cowboy, being a cowboy.

When I look at women, I just think about who they have to deal with and how that affects them. It just doesn’t impact me because they’re not my own bodies. They’re just other bodies. Because you’re wearing a headdress, they have to deal with you. In my experience they’re really proud of what you’re doing, so they want to be great dancers too. For me, even though it’s a different thing, as much as we’ve evolved differently, it’s just part of me as a human being. I don’t think it’s