Who is the best pole dancer in the world?

The winner will be announced in October 2016 and the top finisher from each of our 4 main championships will be in the quarter finals of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The winner of the pole dancing competition will also be able to represent her country as a member of the Pole Dancing Team at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games!

The pole dancing competition takes place over 3 blocks of 7 minutes each with a 1 minute rest between blocks in each. The event gives each competitor a 2 minute head start with two blocks to show their strengths and weaknesses that they will use to defeat their competitors. Each competitor will be given one hour to perform and complete their routines.

After the 2 hour blocks the top 10 pole dancers will be on the podium for a 1:00 PM press conference. This press conference will determine who wins the final competition and make it into the main finals.

The final pole dance results will be announced at the official finals and a winner announced on August 17 in front of a live audience at the Marina Bay Park Gym in Hong Kong.

(RNS) More than 1.5 million people are currently taking a course called the “Courses for Christians.”

At a time when Christian evangelism has been waning and evangelicals are having a hard time building a following overseas, students are learning to convert non-Christians and make converts of Americans.

In an effort to promote evangelism worldwide, the American Association of Christian Schools has released “Courses for Christians” — a comprehensive program designed to train students to “make disciples of God’s people.” These schools are also in the middle of their annual conference where, among other things, they’re preparing students to make disciples of America.

A new study from the Pew Research Center finds that the number of students in Christian schools who attend religious services every week has increased significantly in recent years. More than one in four of all U.S. adults identifies as either evangelical Protestant or born-again Christian, and more than half attend religious services weekly.

But more Christians than ever say they are not interested in evangelism, according to a new poll from The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, released Monday (Feb. 15).

In an online poll administered to 4,017 U.S. adults conducted Feb. 9-12, 72% said they did not attend religious services regularly, compared with the 56% who said they do. The difference might appear small, yet the margin of error is four