Why do pole dancers wear heels? – Pole Dancing Class Los Angeles Bachelorette

“Because we dance.” But, apparently, when one pole dancer was told about the need for the new standards by an American Association of Personal Trainer (AAT) instructor who told a group of pole dancers she couldn’t dance in heels, that instructor asked, “Why do you wear heels?”

On a personal note – I wear my heels from now on. I am trying to make a living off of it right now. The other day I saw two American AAT instructors who have been teaching pole for the past ten years and are all in their early 40s, wearing no heels. I think I just learned that I am a Pole Dancing God. I’m wearing a pair of white socks, black slacks and a nice shirt with a red bow on the back that says “Ripped Nipples” and a red lace skirt with a green tassel on the back that says, “The Perfect Match for the Pole”. “You look beautiful”, they say with a big smile and a wink. Yes, I really am. I’m the perfect match for the pole.

Pole dancers at the 2010 Pole Dancing World Championships were given the opportunity to demonstrate several new AAT pole dance classes and the first order of business was a demonstration of what a pole dancer’s knees should look like. First, I had to remove my shoes to give myself access to the dance floor. Once my feet were removed, I put my knees on stage and started the exercise.

I looked at the AAT instructor and was asked if I was feeling OK? So, I replied, “Yes sir, this is my first pole class.”

Her response was, “It looks like you are using a pair of old shoes with a bit of oil on them. Please try for less oil!” Her reply caused a stir and people started laughing until the instructor was reminded that all AAT classes feature an active training schedule, that she could not force people to dress up in the middle of a lesson – especially in front of a group of people – and then her reply wasn’t funny any more.

She continued to ask if I was feeling alright, but was surprised by what she found – she said, “Did you say old shoes?” – because my feet, after having a pair of new shoes for ten years now, were obviously not looking as healthy as old shoes.

My knees went to the carpet and I looked at her and said, “No sir, these are my old shoes.”

She asked again

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