Why do pole dancers wear heels? – Pole Dancing Classes Near Memphis Tn Time

“It’s a form of grace,” she tells the magazine.

But she insists that there is no such thing as ‘pole dancer style’.

“We’re supposed to use our feet, that’s why we wear heels.

“Most people don’t know what we do. We’re not called ‘dancers’ or ‘dance’ – we’re a dance company,” she adds.

“But for some reason people think that when women are wearing heels they are the same as men.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Madonna and Kate Moss doned heels in the video for their ‘Perfect Illusion’ music video

“I’m very much against sexism and I am very much against racism. Women who are in heels are not equal to the same as those who wear heels.”

Ms De Laurentiis says she will not be performing at the London Olympics this year because of a dispute over how the competition will be run.

So are we seeing a rise in female heel-wearing at the Olympics? Or has it plateaued?

“There are a lot more female athletes in heels who would have gone on to be champions just a few years ago,” Ms De Laurentiis says.

“My advice is to keep your wigs, don’t go out in heels when you’re a woman, it’s disgusting.”

Image caption Madonna – pictured with two young ballet dancers – has won two Grammys, including one for the soundtrack to her music video for 1989’s Let Me Live

Last week, it was announced that a BBC music video starring British talent will also go behind the bars to capture the spirit of the event.

‘I think it’s a positive thing that we are seeing more and more women in heels’,” Ms De Laurentiis tells me.

“It’s an indication of the change in women’s physicality and it’s a way for them to say, ‘I’m out of my comfort zone… I’m out of my box.’

“I think that it’s a positive thing. Not everyone thinks that way – women do.

“They are still in the kitchen, they don’t care about their personal appearance. But that has changed. I think there’s a positive change going on.”

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