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“The most popular shoe we see in our clinics is the American Eagle. It is a very high-end, high-fashion shoe, and in most cases it has a full-grain leather sole.”

Can a pole dancer wear the high heel of an American Eagle?

“Yes, it doesn’t matter,” says Lee. “But you cannot put all the weight in the heel. You have to put enough weight to wear the shoe.”

What about shoe sizes?

“We have no problem with shoe sizes. A 7-Up can be worn by people with full-time jobs and it fits comfortably. But the 9-to-5, for the average person, isn’t going to work out. So, it is best to start with a 5. There’s a 4.5, there’s no 5, just a 4.5.”

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In the first six episodes of Season 7 we know very little about how the cast of S02E02 will end up reuniting.

However, we do know that there will be an emotional showdown between the surviving actors, as well as the characters we love to hate, between them and the characters we love to hate – but not love to hate – as well as a huge ‘spoiler’ that might spoil what the future may hold.

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It also sounds as though fans will be getting their first look at the new characters at the finale of the show, as the showrunners were forced to remove a character from the official cast list.

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But that doesn’t mean we won’t be treated to an all-new character at the end of the series, with the new cast of the series joining the old cast in a dramatic conclusion to the eight-parter.

It certainly will see the show take the biggest leap forward since its debut in 2009, as we get to see the return of several iconic characters, in addition to several new ones too.

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There’ll be lots of great new characters returning to form another new dynamic, although they won’t necessarily all be as iconic as the characters you liked to hate as a kid.

And it seems S02E01 fans may finally have their revenge on the cast of series E – after they were revealed to be playing into the hands of Doctor Who

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