Why is pole dancing attractive? – Underwater Pole Dancing Classes Near Me For Adults

Is pole dancing good for my health? Is it necessary? Should I dance pole or not? This is an online health quiz that is not only fun, it is an excellent way to find answers, or find out the answers to the following questions:

1. What do people think about pole dancing?

2. Do I need any coaching to start performing or continue dancing pole?

3. Is pole dancing dangerous?

4. Should I have the option of turning around on cue, or in the middle of the choreography, and dancing as a male?

5. What is the worst thing that can happen while I’m performing?

6. Should I learn to pole dance in a more personal way, versus an audience like a regular dance class?

7. If I’m a boy, how will my hips react to being in a female body during my dancing?

8. I’m a tall guy, and I want to learn how to perform in the female body.

9. Can I do “man-like” dancing during the pole part of a swing dance routine?

10. How do I feel right now (without getting nervous)?

11. Is pole dancing good for me? Is it harmful? Is it unhealthy? Can I stop at any stage? Is there a time for each stage, or should I train at any stage during the performance?

12. Does my body always look like it’s on steroids?

13. Is the way the audience looks at me affecting what I do during the performance?

14. Does my dancing hurt my hips?

How to create shapes on the spinning pole / Side Hold Spin ...
15. Should I start training in a more public place, like a local club, or in a home club or gym?

16. How often should I do pole dancing, and how long should I perform each time?

So get out there and check out these 15 questions, and start practicing your pole dancing to see whether pole dancing is right for you. If you want to go deeper into the details, read out post number 11 and see if the answers make sense and if you want to explore further on the topic.

For additional help with your body parts and performance, check out this guide to how to make your body look naturally sexy for pole dancing!

About the Author:

Lionel is a member of Salsa & Twist International, and has over 15 years of experience in the dance/dance world.

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