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No, exactly. Waltz is German; and by “translation,” I mean actually to give the German character of the passage, i.e., its sense. But it’s not really German, it’s just the English that we translate it in the book. It’s just as clear English as we could find and translate.

If the film had been filmed in the English language and had just used a similar voiceover, how would you have written it?

We could just use a narrator that would go over the whole book. But, of course, you know, we don’t want to do that. We prefer for people to be able to decide. They can have the benefit of seeing the play in that way, and then be able to see what is happening within the action. I’m sure the English language would be great; we love it; we think it would be fun to do.

Why do you need the English subtitles?

Because when people take subtitles they get a more complete picture of what’s going on. They get to see the characters’ faces, their faces are more distinct than with the usual subtitles. For some people, even though they watch the play in standard language, they never get to see their own English faces.

Which is why you wrote German subtitles in the first place. It’s something that you don’t get to do all the time—and it’s an absolute pleasure when you do see your own face. It is very nice to have that opportunity.

And now I know the German voiceover will come when you put that film out; the film is already out (and, as of yesterday, you’re working on a second one, in German).

What is the significance of the German-language play?

I think to have a play that is of the caliber that Biedermann’s is has an enormous effect on the cultural and literary atmosphere of the city. In my opinion, the play is also representative of that atmosphere. The play has been performed for over 40 years. I haven’t read any books in the English language that were written by the same author during those 40 years. In fact, my knowledge of the play is very limited. It represents the cultural state of play in the city of Frankfurt. It’s like the other plays I have read where you feel as if you were sitting with people that can see, who can hear, all the way through the drama. You know them so well, for instance

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