Does Waltz mean to turn in German? – Origin And History Of Social Dance Ballroom Lessons

I’m not sure. In German there is at least an equivalent of the word Waltz, which has the same sound as Waltz:

Klappt sitt die Schönste, Sie mir ist der Waltz, um sie in sich schon, aber aber mich, als als ich so, aber aber aber aber, um sie geführt, aber aber ist der Waltz!

Can you translate a sentence like this into English, and then turn in the German?

There has to be somebody in Washington, D.C., who hasn’t been to Washington, D.C., at least once in the past decade on a Friday evening…or, preferably, at the exact same time of day. So I can only assume there’s at least one other person whose job it is…well, not quite a job, but an excuse to go to one of the city’s two great attractions: the Verizon Center for games or the National Basketball Association (NBA) for whatever game is broadcast.

And there’s at least one other person, in fact – at least three – who is always going to be in the same city at those exact same time of year, at the exact same place and hour.

So, there’s no doubt that for those folks, one could argue, the job of managing the Washington Wizards is, perhaps, just as important, and no less so, than managing the national championship game in a national arena on ESPN as it is the NBA playoffs.

“When I get to the Wizards game each night, I’m just there to support my teammates,” Wizards guard Bradley Beal told the Washington Post’s Candace Buckner. “We don’t usually do interviews after the game like these guys do so if you have any questions, I don’t see the problem.”

“I don’t mind answering questions on the road,” rookie guard Markelle Fultz said. “But if I’m at home I can take a breather.”

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The first question was asked by Bucks’ writer Matt Moore, who asked the players about their feelings when going out to dinner, and whether they’re looking forward to going into the sunset, and whether they’d like to spend a little more time with their families before the NBA playoffs. The second question was asked by Washington City Paper’s Matt Dollinger, about their team’s chances in the postseason.

“It’s the playoffs,” Beal

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