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When most people think of mental health, they usually think of depression or anxiety. That’s an important distinction, because we’re not thinking the way we’re usually trained to think. If you think about mental illness more and more, you’re going to start to look at it in a different way. For example, people can learn to recognize mental disorders by reading people’s minds, and that’s why the first thing they should be doing is reading people’s minds. If you notice someone’s face when they’re talking, it seems strange, because they’ve always looked so much like you. But it’s not a coincidence. Some of us are naturally drawn to certain types of people, so they look like us. That’s one important thing on which you can train yourself. If people can recognize that, they’re much less likely to act impulsively. But the idea is that a little bit of mental training goes a long way. You can improve your mental state by getting regular exercise, by using mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques, by talking to a therapist. I find that people who have been struggling with depression are far easier to help than the general population.

The “Titanic” star, who has been a fan favorite since his breakout role as Oscar Wilde in Shakespeare in Love, is among the nominees for next year’s Academy Awards.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Friday announced its list of nominees for the 85th annual Oscars that will be broadcast Feb. 28, and it was filled with Hollywood’s most sought-after actors.

Among the nominations for next year’s show came a strong showing from Michael Fassbender, who will face off against Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio for his role in Noah with the big screen and the television show, which premiered in May. Fassbender was nominated for best actor for the title role in La La Land and for supporting actor for his role in Steve Jobs. The film is set to release Dec. 21.

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Fassbender’s brother, Daniel Fassbender, also nominated for best actor on a film with Steve Jobs, was also up for it. Daniel’s wife, Mia Fassbender, was nominated for best actress. Daniel will be competing for his first Golden Globe award later this month for his role in the BBC drama series EastEnders.

Steve Jobs was also voted best picture.

Another big name who made the cut

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