How dance can help you mentally? – Social Dance And Dance Mixers Ppt To Word

I was in a class the other day where some very funny women were telling us how they had had some serious anxiety in the past, and that they hadn’t danced in a while. One of the ladies took a deep breath, looked down, and started moving on her own. The whole class went crazy; that was the first time I had ever seen a class like that. After that session a friend and I danced all night and she was still in the class, even on the “dance floor,” which was very cool and made me think that you could even make something like movement better by dancing. I think dance has also shown me that I want to learn how to be with people. One day, while walking around the neighborhood, I encountered someone who took a risk with himself, and I noticed that he looked so nervous. I approached him, put my arms around him, and asked: “Are you in a relationship?” “No,” he said, “I’m just in a relationship with my girlfriend.” “Have you been a dancer in the past?” “No,” I said, and I was looking at him, and he looked away. “Do you think about dancing more than you do other things?” He looked away. I continued: “Do you dance in your spare time? When is the last time you’d dance with anyone? And who do you feel close to?” “I’ve met someone,” he said. I was still looking at him, with a coldness in my heart, and he nodded. I thought about going up to him and making him dance to my song. I’d done that once, but it didn’t help him either. Still, I think that, at the very least, dancing can change the way people see you: You’re so much more personable than you can ever be alone, not to mention because dancing makes you better at getting along with others, and also maybe because dancing makes you feel good. Dances seem to be an extension of the human essence: They are part of our soul, and they allow us to share in the joy of human beings. And I guess dance can help people feel better about themselves because they’ll be able to go out and meet people.

So why do some people hate dancing, and others love it?
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I really don’t know. It seems that people who don’t feel good about themselves tend to be scared off by the thought of rejection. I don’t think that’s true for everyone: There just seems to be a

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