How does dance impact society? – Old Folk Dances

What is it about the dancing that makes its practitioners more interesting, fun to be around, and more importantly, who’s to say other people won’t also enjoy it? Well, let me turn you on—dance can be fun, and fun can be a positive experience. It can be a chance to get out of your comfort zone, to explore things you may not have a chance to experience in-person—we’ve talked about how it can give you a different perspective on life, and it opens up possibilities for people to learn from each other and each other’s experiences. So, dance can help you expand your horizons and make those horizons longer. And, in turn, it can help you become more aware of all that’s out there, and maybe open that door to explore the things you’d otherwise have to keep to yourself.

Here are four questions to help take that idea and apply it to the dance world.

1. Why does this seem like such a good time to get your friends, and possibly everyone else, dancing?

When you take everything on in life out in the dance world, you become aware of the world around you. It helps to remember that everyone else is out there, too. What’s exciting? What’s happening? What does the dance world look like to others? Everyone is part of the dance community, whether or not they dance. To find it in your area, start by finding the swing clubs and venues you can always visit—they all have regular dance classes and events to help keep things fresh and interesting. If you can, look for other groups that may also be interested in meeting, dancing with, or learning from the people in your immediate social circle. In the event that they don’t agree to a dance session at the club, find out what is going on, and find ways to bring people together, whether it be a dance class, some networking/socializing with other people, or the chance to dance at a different club next week.

2. What are you willing to do to get to know the dancers involved? Can you introduce them to each other?

Find out who people are in your area, and find out what they’re like. If you’re a local resident (or even a tourist), find out where to find the swing clubs/places to dance—and try to take advantage of that. If you’re a visiting dancer, check out other venues/clubs. Find out what’s happening on campus, and check

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