What are all the different types of dance? – Different Forms Of Social Dances Definition

Songs, dance and music have evolved and changed over the years and now they’re all just different kinds of music to us – it’s really just different kinds of ways of expressing ourselves. What we enjoy is really just the best way people have to express themselves. We’ve never even done any training to learn it but now, what they’ve done has taught us everything we now know.

What music have you been loving?

We’re really into hip hop as a genre because of its variety of styles and different sounds. It’s really just so much fun to just have a good time and make it real, like when you’re in the middle of a party and you play something, it’s just that – it’s an emotion.

It seems that your musical tastes span across every genre. How do you decide what song to put into my playlist?

People are always like, “Well I’m not a big rap fan so I don’t really need your advice”. We don’t think of music as a genre or a genre of music; we think of it as just being a way of expressing yourself. That’s why we have some songs that seem to go to certain parts of the country, where we’re going, but people need to find it the proper way. People ask us to choose a song so often – and usually we do!

If I listen to some of my friends’ mashups, especially on social media, they make me want to just sing the lyrics and be mad! I always know that if I want to just sing I can do that. Even if people aren’t listening to my music, I can pick it up and think, “OK, that sounds good. That’s nice to hear”.

You have a very distinct style of dance music and have always done very well at festivals. What kind of things surprised you at the biggest festivals in the world?

Well, we had a really good time at Coachella. You have so many people in this industry. It’s not necessarily a big-scale musical act to play but we had so many people who were so friendly. And it was such a big festival.

There are so many people, as this music does not have to have a stage, like there is in big dance festivals. We really enjoy Coachella.

What kind of people are there at festivals?

There are a lot of people who will say they know someone who is into dance music, in

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