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If it is about being comfortable with and happy being alone, then one gets a dance like Kpop. We want to learn all the important parts of that dance, in addition to other dance like Hallyu dance etc. Also, we want to experience this dance itself when we are dancing in public, and if we are dancing with a group then we want to join it and see how the dance itself works.

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If it is about being in an intimate space with someone, but it is not a “party” or “concert” dance, then those types of dance are better suited for a social setting.

There is also a dance that would suit the 2 different purposes of Dance.

We don’t see Dance as such as a dance that is meant for an intimate place, but simply as a dance for the public, and we don’t necessarily think that it is a dancing as a dance as such but a dance with people. Therefore there is no need of dance as such, but dance as a social gathering with people where people are not there for entertainment, but as a group, as an open space for people. That type of dance would suit the purpose for Dance that we are looking for, and the purpose for dance that we are looking for is the open space for dancing.

2. What is the role of Dance in Hallyu?

The role of dance in Hallyu is not about the music of the music, or the dance of the dance, but the experience of the individual, in which the individual is an integral part.

For example, in the Korean dance, when you start seeing a guy walking around your vicinity with no friends or girls around you will become attracted to him and look up at him. Also, in the Korean dance, your first impression of the people in your vicinity is how they walk, so if they walk quickly, and the rhythm is slow your next impression will be how they move, then the dance in that situation will be very much like the dance you experienced earlier in the evening. In the Korean dance it is not a one or two seconds, you experience it in the whole evening.

When is Dance useful?

So, as you can see, when it comes to the role of Dance, it is not the music or the dance. It is the entire experience of individual. This is also the reason why we call Dance to the general group and the whole dance as Hallyu dance.

Therefore it is necessary to

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