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While the ability to share music with friends over the internet is great, sometimes people just like to have a quiet time. So a dance mixer can quickly and safely play music for no one else.

For example, let’s say you have a friend who is really into electronic music and can’t get through your playlist and wants to put in an extra dance mix so that everyone can hear it.

In that situation a dance mixer doesn’t have to go and talk to your friend again and get permission. All you have to do is tell them your music is available for play and request the music to be put on while you go back off to a quiet room and come back when you’re ready.

Now people who are not into electronic music but just appreciate something mellow/chill can easily sit around with the music and watch others play without having to have a conversation about it.

Dance mixers like this can also be used for group play.

You, as an active dancer, want to keep your dance practice time as short as possible while sharing the most relaxed and relaxing music. This is not what you do when you are in a group situation.
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So now you can have a dance mix going over how to get your partner into the groove of your music for your next class and enjoy it too.

For example, let’s say your partner just got into dancing some dancing. They’re probably a beginner and have never had a good rhythm before. You can help them get over the fear of dance and teach them how to groove a dance routine before they realize how hard it is to learn.

In this case a dance mixer can have an upbeat beat with some background music for them to learn on before they begin their dance practice to help them relax, while still having a good time.

When you don’t dance that much and have limited time, it is possible to play music as a group, in addition to your own music. This means that you can have a dance mix that all the dancing people in the group can listen to while still having fun.

Now if that isn’t your jam, but you’re still in school or studying this isn’t a bad idea to have a mix with one or two DJs. Let’s say they play chillout jazz, funky house, dance remix, garage and more. Just make sure they all are playing the same styles of music or there won’t be room for everyone to participate in the mix to keep it fun

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