What are the benefits of social dance?

I love to dance, but I don’t do it with anyone. I have a few people who help make my work possible, but they don’t know how important it is to me.

I have two main benefits from social dance: it has a big impact on me, and it provides a sense of community. At the end of two weeks in the workshop, people want to be social dancing again with people they know. People from different walks of life find a lot of common ground and are more open to talking with each other even if it’s just a few minutes.

I’ve had people say that social dance makes them feel more connected to their community, and it really does.

What do you do every day to keep dancing?

The main thing I do is spend time on my feet. One of the reasons I don’t like standing on the back of a dance bus is that I’m uncomfortable with putting my body through the motions of standing up and falling and twisting while the people about to dance are watching me. I would rather sit in my chair.

It’s also good exercise. I feel happy and happy it’s still working for me.

What do you do on a Monday?

I usually go outside because most people are outside on a Monday. I work from 4 to 10:30 a.m. and then I usually dance around to jazz or house.

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