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Social dance is a social dance performed in clubs, clubs, clubs, clubs.

The social dance has four fundamental forms of dance.

1. Social Ballet: These are dances performed in social settings in a theatrical setting or on the stage. The dance can consist of any type of music.

2. Social Dance

Three things determine the social dance: the dance is social, people join a party, or the dance features sexual gestures and performances.

3. Social Dance with Music

The social dance with music can be a social dance with music alone or with music mixed with music. Examples of these dances are samba dancing, tango dancing, salsa dancing, kirangi-dancing or ndong dancing.
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4. Social Dance with Dance

The social dance with dance has no music. Examples of this type of dance are jazz dance, acrobatic dance with music or choreography.

The main characteristics of social dances are:

1. A social dance is more than one or two dancers, or just two or three. They dance around in a circle, and sometimes the stage is not even seen. This way a person can dance freely.

2. They are performed for social reasons. These dancers’ main motive is to give their own enjoyment. It is not about trying to attract other people and having a good time. The dancer is not really trying to gain any other people’s attention, but making the dance fun and enjoyable. A social dance has no sense of competition and social status of the performer.

3. Unlike traditional dancing, social dance has no rules, so everyone has the same opportunities to perform.

4. The dancer is not concerned with “being sexy”. The dances are simply not an attractive way to show off one’s body.

Social dances are very common among people of our community. Sometimes people perform in front of their friends and family, sometimes people gather in dance clubs at times such as festival, festival, festivals. Some social dances consist of more than 30 people who come together to celebrate their special events. Usually they are on the night before any formal events like weddings, funerals, birthdays, special occasions like the wedding of a certain family member. These types of parties or celebrations become more common all over Malaysia.

For people who find some form of dancing to be too distracting for their normal routine, they may be interested in performing a social dance. You can watch a

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