What are the dance etiquette in social dancing? – Fernando Sosa Social Dance Tv

When you dance, it is a way of life. It’s part of our body language: Our posture, eye contact. But the dance is more than that.

A lot of people ask this question, and it always frustrates them. It’s hard to explain what the dance is like and to explain why people should dance.

How exactly is the dance different than other forms of dance?

One dance differs in that it’s a dance that has a certain amount of attention paid to it. With an open dance, you can move around quite easily, like a child. Not to mention, people are encouraged to be in and out of the dance. So it’s a very lively, exciting dance; it’s a celebration of your body.

A lot of people also ask, “What is the reason for dancing?” Usually, I get this question, and it’s the most complicated question I can ever answer. It’s all about the dance itself – the way that people dance.

When people ask if they should dance in a crowd, they are usually not aware of the importance that dance has in the dance. Most people think they should just relax, or to take this dance as a leisure activity.

What does dancing mean to you?

I was born in the US, lived in the UK, lived abroad, and now live as an American in London. When I’m not dancing, I am sitting in cafes or reading, doing homework or playing video games. I’m an active member of my culture, which means I am very lucky. The culture that I am speaking about is so fascinating: dance.

How did you become a “social dancer”?

I had the good fortune of being a student of dance, being in the dance studio for many years. I have always been fascinated by dance from an early age. I also remember that in school, I used to dance the ballroom part of the dance course every day, so I was interested in these kinds of dances in the beginning.”

But it only became my interest and obsession when I met my husband. When we were traveling in Paris together to visit my family, we would go to several different venues. At the end of a performance, in an area that nobody went and so nobody noticed us, I would walk up the escalators in these places and look out toward the crowd and see a woman on the escalator with a baby on her back. She looked just like me so I asked

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