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The key to dance etiquette is to remain respectful of your partner.

For a more in-depth discussion of the etiquette of social dancing, visit the official WDW Dancers article.

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Dance Style

Dancing in Walt Disney World includes many different styles, from the easy to the hard, from the traditional to the more new-age.

There are five main types of music that you can use in a social dancing activity:

The classical dance styles — Classical and Western styles

Carmen’s Dance

Hip-hop dance

Country dance

Climax Dance

The various styles of dance that have been used by performers from many countries around the world, including:





Japanese Jitterbug

Western swing

Bollywood music


American baseball

Rock n’ roll

Hamburger dance

Mardi Gras

Street dance

In a dance performance, the singer will always perform their most popular song. So you should try to always start a dance with the song that you enjoy the most.

For more dance styles and styles of dance to start a dance, check out the official Walt Disney World Dance Hall of Fame article.

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Walt Disney World is a bit different to the rest of the world, at least in terms of costumes.

In Disneyland, you can purchase the costume that suits you during the day to wear when you want to have fun in the park, but if you really want to go hard in all social dancing, then it is a good idea to buy costumes for every social dancing activity you have in the park.

Costume and clothing can be purchased in the gift shops near the food court, at the front of Epcot and at the end of Disney Springs.

After you visit Disney World on the day of your social dancing activity, you have to purchase any costumes you have purchased through the Walt Disney World Gift Shop.

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