What are the dance etiquette in social dancing? – Social Dance Meaning

You don’t dance in the street. It is very hard for a boy in the street to know who to talk to or how to greet a girl in the street. He will have to be careful in front of the ladies. Do not jump up on a table or a bench and try to dance with all the ladies. It’s not very polite. It’s too much for a young man.

Girls do not like to dance with older people, and they also won’t look at you. They don’t like to be talked to. I’ve been with younger girls who would talk to my little brother and they wouldn’t do that. They would just go straight outta there. When somebody does not like a dance they just stay there.

You don’t dance with young man either, at first. It’s too much for him. It’s only a matter of time until he starts to get into it. But the girls will make a gentleman.

Do you dance in the street when the girl’s not there?

No. Then they should leave. A man knows just how to look people in the eye and not touch them while they are dancing.

You’re doing a show for your dance school…?

We are having a show next month in the New Orleans area. I have seen the New Orleans dance school, the Evelines dance school do a dance. But this dance we’re doing will be for the general public. It will be about 20 minutes long. It will be very popular. We’re doing it on two main streets. One’s Beretania, which runs from Bourbon Street to New Orleans. The other is Bienville, which runs parallel to St. Bernard Parish. We are doing this with a dancer by our name, Mrs. Fennella Taylor.

There is a lot of public interest in our dance. We have over 300 girls interested in the dance. They want to come out and see the show.

Where is the show to be held?

Bienville Parish (New Orleans) will be the main venue. There’s another show in Bienville coming up there in a month. Bienville will be showing it on Oct. 12, and we’re doing it the following weekend. The show will be held in the Bienville auditorium.

We’ll have 2 different floors. The first floor will be for the public. It is on one floor of the auditorium. We’re on

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