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The rules are fairly simple:
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The dance starts with:

The dance ends with:

If you know the rules in advance what are the rules the whole time?

You know when you are dancing because you practice. When I have a dance I try to do all the steps, from 1 to 6… I don’t know why but… when you have practice you can practice without worrying. You can also practice some steps you don’t practice when you are nervous.

So you could say you can get pretty drunk if you don’t practice enough… but dancing is fun when you are happy and good.

How to practice

Now when you are dancing you have to practice. If you want you could say:

What should I practice

Now don’t try to know the whole dance well because you can’t be an expert dancer… but you can practice some skills in general and then get to more advanced steps…

Do you practice with a partner?

One of the hardest dance moves is getting hold of a partner… You always want to learn this… So the best way to practice is also with a partner:

When you practice with a partner you will get good at it!

What are the steps and dancing?

The step is the whole process of dancing on the ground with your partner.

It’s very important to move all the time! You can dance to music or to do something else… You can’t dance with your feet all the time. You have to dance all the steps on your foot.

Why is it important?

Because dancing step by step is very hard… You have to keep on moving for quite a time… To do a dance step you don’t get bored, you have to move your body as much as possible… But you can also dance with your feet all the time…

You can dance with your partner from 1 step to 6 steps on your foot and it will be easy for you…

But you can still dance all the steps on your foot but… In any case, you have to know when to stop. It’s very important to see yourself and your partner on your way and on the other side when you dance.

As someone said in dance etiquette: “Don’t dance to what you think you can do but you can’t do.”

You can always have a partner dance with you. A dancing partner has been shown before in dance etiquette before

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