What are the types of dance? – Characteristics Of Social Dance

That you know?

I’ve never danced a beat before but I did do something this week that was really good and it was really good for all the dancing. It felt really good. It’s funny because the first couple of times I did that my first couple of steps were kind of silly, but when I took a little bit more time at it, it really felt good. The last couple of times I did it the way I usually do it but I did this whole thing really quickly as opposed to a couple of days or weeks.

I’m not too good at this dance, but I’m pretty good at knowing rhythms as well: where things are going to go, as well as what they’re doing next, where the melody comes from and like what tempo it’s gonna be. I think I’m still doing that now that I’m over three-and-a-half years. So I’ve been doing that over a number of months now.

Do you have any routines or songs you’ve composed that you’ve recorded that are more popular than others?

I don’t have a routine I recorded. There are only two songs I’ve written. There’s a song called “In This Town” and there’s one. I haven’t written an album, but there will be an album eventually. It’s not really any particular type of song.
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Has being the youngest of three kids affected your childhood, your feelings, the way you think?

I think it definitely has and I have no problems with it. I’ve always been the most independent person. My mother, my father and my grandparents were all independent in that sense, so my younger siblings and people around me are very independent. I guess when they were growing up I was a few years on the other, but now I’m a little bit older. So as far as my attitude as far as being an adult when it comes to being around kids — they’ve probably seen most of that and they’re okay with it. I think it’s like having any other personality. It’s not a real big deal.

What about your kids? Are your mom and dad still together?


Were you always the eldest? How did your sister and brother feel about it?

Both the sisters were much earlier, and my siblings were like, “You are so young for this. You shouldn’t want to play this.” They thought that I was the oldest, when in fact I was the middle (

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