What are the types of dance?

Swing & Dolly is the main dance in the community. In the last few years, we have tried to incorporate other dances so that more people can experience the community. We have dance for all skill levels. For those who aren’t comfortable in a regular dance, we also have Dance for Everyone!

Is there anything you do that is hard for me to understand?

My dance partners and I try to do as much as possible without trying too hard at the same time. The more things we do, the more things we can make people feel at ease around us.

I would like to add I am a dancer as well, and I really wish I could understand things from your perspective. If anyone is interested in getting a hold of me to learn more dance-wise I’d be more than happy to be there!

How long have you met each person?

We have always met in person. We didn’t meet at dance school or any other dance school.

What is your favorite part about being out there with everyone?

It’s hard to say. There are so many people’s energy around us, which can make feeling like we’re alone a bit overwhelming at times. But we have all been there before and that gets you through every now and then.

How did you first get into dance?

My family brought me to an informal group dance for my birthday. I remember it happening quite quickly as it was at a dance club.

Where did you decide to join Paddlefish?

It all started with the fact that my father and my sister wanted to start their own dance school. They wanted to start a community that was focused on improving the skills of people from different


What do you feel people need to know about you?

I’m very open about everything. I love people and I love my family. I do encourage open and honest relationships. I try to provide the best experience for everybody.

What’s your ideal future in dance?

I’d love to stay dancing for as long as possible. I love the feeling of learning new moves and seeing what people can get from it.

Please tell us what’s on your horizon?

I’d love to have some fun in San Francisco doing some really fun things. I also love helping people to develop more confidence with how to use dance in their everyday lives.

What advice would you give young dancers like you to help you improve