What dance means to me?

The last thing I’m used to. When I get lost in my thoughts. I’m not even sure of my identity. But I know I can dance, though.

The most important thing with the choreos is that the dancers are very, very passionate about the material, even if they feel like they’re losing control a little bit every time they dance. The best example of that is the final scene of the episode where you see the two main cast members, Rachel and Monica, dancing with their respective male and female co-stars to the music of the hit single, “Losing Me”. As you see in the video, the choreography from each choreo is unique and very impressive, especially for an episode like this that revolves around a very personal story and the real struggle that each of my characters is facing.

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Chelsea will have to pay around £60million to bring Didier Drogba back to Stamford Bridge, writes the Mirror.

Chelsea announced yesterday afternoon that an agreement had been reached with Juventus last month to sign the former Ivorian international – who made 748 appearances for the Blues and won four Premier League titles and six FA Cups.

The club’s agreement will see the 33-year-old pay an annual wages of £80,000, but a major stumbling block has been the price he wants to leave Turin.

There are two options for the Blues, with one club asking for £120m which the Blues have refused to accept.

Drogba does not know where his former club will be, but with talks stalled for a decade, he will want as much time to decide as possible.

The Daily Mail reported earlier this year: “Fifa have not responded to a request for comment. The latest attempt for an official confirmation has come over a year from the day when Drogba’s contract ended.

“According to Spanish newspaper Marca, a few weeks ago it was agreed that Chelsea would pay around £80m to bring him home.

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“Another version states that the fee would be around £60m, but this was in contrast to a story in the newspaper on August 8.”

The Blues have always insisted Drogba wanted to leave in July but he decided to stay.