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How do they get their bums out of a harness? And did you know that a hip hop dance number is about 95% movement without even trying? In this episode of What Now, we delve into all aspects of hip hop from the basics to advanced hip hop training. We’ll talk about the history of the movement, how to improve your form, and why dance is the best way to make changes in your body. You’ll get plenty of motivation to become better dancers, and we’ll provide you with some of the best dance training for beginners and advanced dancers.

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If you’ve been following us for awhile, you know that we’ve released a few different Hip hop training videos for hip hop dancers. We thought now would be a great time to release this one. It will be full of tips and tricks you’ll instantly see work.

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Riding along the San Joaquin River in California’s San Joaquin Valley are dozens of tiny waterfalls and a few rivers that feed into large bodies of water. These bodies of rivers and lakes are known as the “San Joaquin Delta.” The Delta also includes a number of smaller bodies of water that drain into it like the San Juan River in Washington state and the Santa Barbara River in Northern California.

There are some of the largest freshwater systems in the world. The Atlantic Ocean can hold more than 1,800 million gallons of water. California’s Sacramento River holds 974 million gallons of water, and it feeds another major reservoir called Cabeza Prieta. California’s Colorado River contains 3.5 million gallons of water—more than the rest of the US.

The San Joaquin River is one of the largest inland rivers in the world, carrying its waters northward nearly half the time. The San Joaquin Delta flows from the Sacramento River down through several different tributaries into the ocean. It runs from the San Joaquin River’s mouth across the San Francisco Bay, out along the coast, and into the Pacific Ocean, with some water in between.
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The San Joaquin River is home to two distinct ecosystems, one of which, the Santa Lucia Marsh, occupies more than 100 square miles (400 km2) of the delta. The shoreline of the San Joaquin River is home to numerous benthic creatures like fish,

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