What is dancing for you? – Arthur Murray Social Dance Lessons

Does it have something to do with the woman you are about to see? Is it more about pleasing? Or about the world? Are you going to share with my lady friends? Or with me?

Is it about the moment? Is it about the song? Or do you feel the way you do?

Am I going to let you go? Or do I make you stay? Is this what you want? Then dance with me.

I’ll dance with you now while I’m talking to you and talking to you, okay?

What is dancing for you? Will that be you to dance all the way up to the moon?

You don’t have to dance. But now that everyone is dancing with me, we would better learn how to talk.

I don’t want to be your lover. I don’t want to be your wife. I don’t want you to be my slave.

When I dance with you, I’m not dancing. I’m dancing with you.

You know what is dance?

That girl from the dance studio was right. She was right all along.

We are dancing here!

You are dancing to the moon. The one that was there in the sky, dancing with us in the sky; the one so beautiful, when it is all over. Dancing with us that night, dancing with us. Dancing with us, dancing with us, dancing with us, dancing with us, dancing with us, dancing with us…

When does it end?

When I’m no longer your mistress. I’m no longer on your side. And all the time…

All the time that you’re here on earth, I’m on my side.

This is the time where I will dance with you. Dancing with you and you in the end.

Don’t forget that you are dancing now with the woman whom I love most in the whole world.

And when you take off your shoes, and they are already dancing, then I will dance too:

When I am dancing with you, I am dancing with you right now!

Let’s do it right this time. Do it right again!

We’ll do it as usual. When everything is over, you will walk away from me:

When we walk toward you, you will walk with me:

If I tell you to, please go down:

Come back to me one last

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