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Modern dance style is a style of dance that is being taught in schools and universities.

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History of Modern Dance Style

Dance History

Dance and Health

Dance and Society

Please note: The above articles are to help you learn about modern dance styles, and as such have no relation to any particular type of dance or school.

Modern Dance Styles In America

The modern dance schools in America have different names. They could be based on geographical origins, geographic location, or cultural history.

For example, Dance Institute at New York University is just a term which refers to the large New York City dance institute. This means that if you’re considering a dance education for yourself or your child (or for a friend or a date) you could call this school the “American Dance Institute”. However, if you’re trying to find a dance school in a specific area the location and culture are two separate things.

Some of the popular dance schools in the United States include:

American Institute for Contemporary Dance – (Anicide)

The American Institute for Contemporary Dance (AICD) is a New York City independent dance institute. With roots in New York City in the 1930s, it has been teaching dance for over 60 years. It offers a full, modern dance curriculum tailored to each individual, in every aspect of dance and culture. It features a modern ballet and jazz ensemble, as well as a dynamic class movement. Students receive a full range of professional and personal coaching.

American Conservatory of Dance

The American Conservatory of Dancing is a one-of-a-kind, professional training facility. It offers a five year diploma in dance and dance music. Through this program students will develop confidence in a variety of different styles of dance including contemporary; modern, international; contemporary contemporary; ballet; jazz and pop.

The Association of American Dance Teachers

The Association for the Advancement of Music Education is a national organization representing more than 4,000 music teachers and performers. As a group, we have over 800 members and we have an extensive network of members spread across the country.

There are also several non-profit groups, that are dedicated to teaching dances to the youth in developing countries.

The American Association of Classical Dance Schools – (AACDS)

The American Association of Classical Dance Schools was founded in

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