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Social dancing is a social culture. It is an amalgamation of various styles of dance that were developed over many years by different societies and their cultures. It is made up of several different elements but they all share some common elements:

– Some of these elements are dance-like as much as they are music, and often times these elements are a blend of various styles of dance, dance genres, and dance techniques – Some of these elements are visual while others are acoustically.

The following list is by far not comprehensive: Social dancing is a style of dance created by societies across all continents and some of the largest nations on the face of the Earth. They developed, shared, and adapted social dancing to fit the needs of local communities, often creating elaborate dances from the various styles of dance that were available at their time.

Some of the most famous dances of social dance include:

Folk dancing, which dates back to Mesopotamia and existed during the Bronze Age, is danced to songs and stories.

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Jazz and Blues and the art form of “waltz” in Africa and the Caribbean all predate the invention of music. In China and Japan there are many styles, and they are closely related to jazz, but we will focus on dance-centered social dancing because it has the highest historical presence as a social culture on this planet.

Social dancing does not require formal instrumentation, rather it requires a social audience. Because there is no one way to do it, it is best to learn as much information as you can, and use the lessons to find the right social dancing style.

Types of social dancing:

Waltz/Pianissimo (a dance that incorporates the right amount of timing, speed, and precision; a waltz moves forward and backward, and a piano can be used as a soloist or accompanist)

Jazz (also known as Chinese jing), also known as Chinese ballroom

Jazz dance styles:

Jazz (also known as Chinese jing) is a style of dance that has become extremely popular over the last century. Traditional dance styles were originally African in origin and were influenced by African music and dance styles. This particular social dance style is centered on rhythmic movements, movement from one place (or step), up and down. Jazz uses rhythmic patterns, often incorporating a mix of hand and drum movements, similar to drum and bass. Jazz is a very energetic style

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