What is social dance and examples?

Social dance is dance music performed to other members of the same relationship. The term dance music also includes instrumental music which may be music made to accompany, accompany, or complement dance. Examples of social dance are traditional dance on the floor and dance to music such as klezmer, jukebox and marimba. Social dance can also be performed in a variety of other venues including theater, dance clubs, music clubs, dance studios, and other dance-based attractions. While dancing in the social dance genre may seem difficult to some, it is generally regarded by some as an enjoyable form of physical recreation. Social dancing can also have some unique aspects such as dancing with other members of the same relationship. Social dancing can be performed in front of people on their own, in groups of people or in small groups of people. Examples of social dancing may include:

Ladies/Gentlemen (LG)

Couples (C )

Music For Unity and Social Change
Young or older couples (YA)

(LG) ( ) ( ) Youth groups (YG)

Group dancing (G) or group dancing with the music (GM)

(YG) and group dancing with the music (GM) Social dance festivals are gatherings which promote dance around social issues. They are usually held once a year with one or more of the social dancing groups.

Social dancing is often part of dance and music groups or dances. A social dancing group consists of a group that engages in social dance, a group of friends with other members of the same social dance community, individuals who enjoy dance and music groups, and individuals who are interested in social dance.

Social dance festivals usually have a dance competition or other form of competition over the dance or music group. Social dance festivals can include competitions. Social dancing competitions are held by both public and private organizations in different settings. The competitions may take place in the venues and venues of social dance groups and private dances. The public contests usually consist of people dancing with one another. Private competitions are held by individuals or groups of individuals. Private competitions generally consist of social dancing to other individuals or groups.

Social dance classes and social groups tend to have the most social members. The class is typically based on the dance in question and consists of a number of dances over a period of time. Social dance groups have dances scheduled and practice dance styles. Some social dance groups have dances based on different genres of music. Social dance groups may have dances based on their own music. These dances