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We have collected a number of dances over the years to try to illustrate some examples of social dancing. The list is not a complete list, but may contain some of the classics that are most recognisable.

As an old school pro, one of the most unique aspects of my game is my willingness to play against the best players in the world, especially at my age. I’ve worked at every level, the CSL, TSL, and now the NACS, so it’s no surprise that I am a natural in the StarCraft II scene. This is a tournament about those players. This is the time of year that every player who dreams of a big break in 2016 will be at their best, ready to go toe to toe with the best the world has to offer. If you’re watching this year’s event live, there’s a decent chance you’ve had the opportunity to see the biggest stars from the past decade of progaming hit the tournament hallowed shores of the New York Times.

You can find a full gallery of the tournament below, but one of the highlights of the event is all of those players who competed in that illustrious period of StarCraft II, from TSL-era players to the new-school kids who are fighting to make 2015 their breakout year in the scene.

The full bracket can be found here. It should give you enough insight on what many of these players have been capable of from the previous three years, so you can start to decide how you’ll go about making 2015 a breakout year for yourself.

Here are the players I’m looking forward to seeing.

First up: Maru vs. Rogue

The most memorable game of the entire bracket. Maru is a good player, sure, but he’s really only capable of playing his old games against very good opponents. This was absolutely absurd. Maru was playing on a stage that was packed with people, who in the grand scheme of things are likely not really a large enough sample size from any given team to call for anything specific. It was like a large public library in which any one of the nerds could pick a book by whatever name they wanted. Maru had been playing ZvZ so he was used to watching a good proxy, and he’d watched Rogue’s games so much of his previous series that the Zerg player had probably gotten pretty comfortable around them.

Rogue was playing on a completely different stage in such a different tournament, and he had been playing for months on a variety

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