What is social dancing mean? – What Is Ballroom Dance And Its Importance

SJD is a dance for friends and family to bond and have fun. It is the dance you love the most, but also the one that is best for keeping fit. SJD dancers are very active and enjoy getting off in the sun in a park. This dance is also great for groups as they can feel a sense of community. If you have children, they can also enjoy the social aspect of dancing together.

Where can I find SJD dance classes?

SJD dance classes are held in the parks of central London. You can book a class for a private party or for a group so your friends can join you for a fun evening. You can also join SJD clubs and meet other dancers.

A SJD dance class can be arranged at a variety of venues including:


Bar & Grill

Bath & Body Works




Music venues: cinemas

Classes — Shannon Carney Dance Academy

SJD clubs


Who should I join?

This is a great dance to be done by all groups or friends in a fun setting with a view of the sun. It is perfect for those who want to keep fit or have just got out for a change of pace, as long as you enjoy your day out.

Dancers in SJD are encouraged to wear the best clothes the dance calls for – there is nothing worse than wearing white underwear when dancing in a sunny location! When taking part in a SJD dance class you will probably hear everyone and their mother saying ‘Wow, really fun and different…’.

Are SJD dances legal?

SJD is a legal dance in the UK and anyone that wishes to do a SJD dance can do it. No one needs a licence to dance in public, it is all done at your own pleasure.

You can also learn SJD in some of the major cities in the world such as Dublin, Melbourne, Auckland, Barcelona and Paris, though this varies according to the individual dance classes you choose.

Who are the dancers?

SJD takes place in a group of dancers who will often go through a phase together, such as a “group” or “crew”. SJD is a dance for people both young and old – there is something for everyone! Some of these people may be very experienced but can still be challenged by those who are not!

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