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We’ve included a list of our best couples dance moves in every genre.

How can I get a dance partner?

If you don’t have a dance partner that you love and have been dancing with for a few years, there are a few methods to help you find someone to dance with. Find the people you most enjoy dancing alongside the most and do a few partner searches online. Some ways to get more information on dance partners to meet are to:

Check out dance partner forums. When you go to a dance forum, there is often more than one person that will be willing to dance with you, and there may even be other couples with whom you are very familiar. It is a great way to get more information to help you create an ideal dance practice routine. Check out dance partner blogs. While there is a variety in the way that dance partner bloggers write and share their personal stories, there are a relatively large amount of people working with the “dance dance” genre who want you to become a partner. There are a number of people at a number of sites (including yours) including: dancecommunity.com, dancerandcoach.net, dance-dancer.net, etc.

I want to learn how to dance, but I don’t know the dance moves or I have never been dancing before. What can I do?

Start reading a dance blog or look up what dance positions you want to move to by looking up dance positions in other dance routines. You may need a practice partner to practice with, especially if the dance routine looks complicated. Find a dance partner through partner search sites. You may prefer to learn in the club where you live, or you can look up all of our dance videos on YouTube, where dancers teach different dance types. Some of the partner search sites we listed above also sell dance classes, and that can be a good way to get a little experience together before starting a dance class. For example, one of our customers was able to learn a couple new dance patterns with great classes when she participated in club dancing. Find more information about dance partner sites and practices on partner-search.com.

Which dance genre would best suit you?

Our favorite dance genres are:

Swing: We are fans of the basic swing moves (the forward motion, the step, and the backflips). We also enjoy the variation within each technique, and we always like a bit of variety. We like to be on the dance

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