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Dances are the cultural performances of social life. The dance is always a ritual and there is a social significance attached to it. There are many traditional dances in China and Korea. However, the more modern style may not be very familiar with social customs that were common for people of different cultures. In this essay, people in the West are going to learn about many popular social dancing styles. We are also going to learn about a few Chinese and Korean traditions to see how their meaning relates to modern dance styles.

There are many variations of social dances from Eastern Asia, North Africa and India. There are also many dances that are considered to have a particular social meaning such as the folk dance of Nepal or the Chinese dance of the Sichuan People. Therefore, most people in the West would learn about the basics of the Chinese and Korean social dances. However, not all people in the West can dance the same way. If you want to learn more about the social dances of North Africa or India, you are in luck. The following are the main social dances of these regions.


Dances in the Sichuan People include the four major dances that make up the culture called “Taiji.” The first dance is called “Peking Opera” or “Xiwang,” which means “singing and dancing of people.” In an act called “The Fire Dance,” three people stand on a wooden platform and jump off the platform three times before another person jumps off of that platform and puts his or her foot on the same platform as that person. Some call this dance the “Tongbao” because that is the name given to it by Chinese.

The Peking Opera is so well-known in China that it is commonly called Peking Opera. If you are not Chinese, this is not what you are thinking of. However, if you are Chinese and you think you have never seen the Peking Opera, then you obviously haven’t yet! You do not have to go to far to view this dance with people around you. On the same site, you can watch an entire series. Many Chinese and people from other parts of China visit China regularly to learn dance, music, and Chinese cuisine. In China, the Peking Opera is well known by the name Peking Opera.

Next in line is the Chinese “Caijie” which is a “family dance.” When you see the word “caijie” you may think it is the

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