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There are some types of social dances (a.k.a. dances of the body and of emotions) that one can perform on the street, but they are hardly the only ones.

Bakufi dances are those that are practiced mostly in certain neighborhoods; they are mainly performed by young women of the Bakufi (Afghan) or Daryab-i-Hami ethnic groups in Afghanistan.

Hair dance is another type of social dance.

It’s a dance of the body, in which the dancers hold hands on a mat so that hands can be used by the audience as a mirror for looking at one another. The two dancers, sometimes holding hands with the audience, dance to the beat of rhythms and melodies, accompanied by sound effects. The dancers are usually women, usually from the ages of 14 to 18.

Most of the dancers in the bakufi dances are female, while the majority in the hameen songs are male. They may or may not have been married before the dances; some of the bakufi dancers are married to other men, some of the hameen dance are, as for example in Daryab, married, or have a female partner before the dance.

The two major social dances are the bakufi dances and the hameen songs. The bakufi dances and the hameen songs are very much interconnected in the Afghan society, being a reflection of the country’s social life. They are also forms of entertainment for many people on street, while their significance has grown.

The bakufi dancing is very popular among the older generation, especially among men and women, who take part in the dances at night to enjoy themselves or to show off their wealth and status.

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In addition, many dancers perform the bakufi dancing during certain times of the month to give their friends money; the bakufi dance is also performed by certain women to show their devotion.

The dances of the body

The bakufi dance has an extremely powerful effect on the body. In bakufi dancing it is customary to bend the knees and knees together, so that the body is made to appear to be balanced by the knees. In this way, a person looks more beautiful than he does in a normal pose. In the bakufi dancing the dancers move the arms as if one might hold them with one’s hands, but in

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