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A dance is in principle a form of communication, and in accordance with this is called a dance: in other words, it may be anything like music, dance, or any other form of entertainment or entertainment of some sort. It may be either a formal or recreational activity, and it must have that social element. Social dances are the only form that is not in some way restricted by the norms of social status or social position, and which, however, are generally the only social expression of a given individual.

Social dances should be fun: for example, it is a question of social dancing to pass a few minutes together in order to have fun, to express oneself and show one’s friends, and to express the individuality one has, not in order to have sex.

The aim of these dances is to show the individual what his or her identity consists of, in order to make his or her life more enjoyable. Social dancing may be of any kind, for it must be of a kind intended to entertain the spectators and thereby to stimulate interest in the various activities of a social group. They should go well with dances or shows, etc., intended for children; in the present sense (that is, in the sense of being designed for amusement and fun), they should be appropriate to all age groups, and the dancers should be allowed to use all kinds of props, without fear that children’s movements are going to be restricted. The result should be not mere dancing, but of a natural quality intended for all.

This does not mean that people who are not involved in a dance should not attempt to be part of it. They should, as far as possible, participate in the dance as spectators and participate with their companions as the dancers themselves and do not make attempts at directing actions. For the purpose of social dancing the dancers should work in harmony with each other, so that their motions and attitudes are in harmony to the general spirit in which they are concerned.

Of course, when a dance is intended for children, it is necessary to set the stage clear to them where this means has been made clear; at home, when, for instance, the dancers have some idea of what type of dancing is intended for them and where it is expected that their companions will be, but on the street, they have to guess.

The social dancing is also a form of entertainment or entertainment of some sort. In this sense they are meant to represent some aspect of everyday life. For example, people are sometimes drawn into

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