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As some of you may know by now, I’ve been working on some really cool code that allows some JavaScript to be executed just as if the server were talking back to you. What I call HTTP Client is more or less a wrapper around jQuery, but it’s actually much better since it allows for much shorter and more readable code.

Most of the time, this code is just an ugly hack for performance reasons – if you think about it, the more you run the code, the more expensive it gets. So, why on earth would you go to the trouble of running an HTTP Client on a server that is in fact talking to you, and running the application on a server that is in fact talking to a client?

I’m glad you asked! In this post, I’ll show you how to build an HTTP Client from scratch using simple JavaScript and a really cool library from the great guys at jQuery!


To make things simple, let’s start by rewriting our main.html.ejs file, and add a short example that gets us going:

Received message: <script src="/path/to/myjs.js"></script>

I started off with a basic form that accepts a user input and fires off a message to the server, which you’ll see again in the end. It looks a bit like that, but notice that it’s pretty easy to break it down into more manageable bits if you’re looking for it. In addition to the main form, we are going to add an input field with an input name on the right side. We’ll then have this field contain the text, which the client will send back to the server. Finally, we’ll add our message field. All of those pieces are ready to go if we run this in Node.js.

Note how the

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