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Fridays with a twist

Tuesdays are hard, as they’re not popular with the ladies of the house—or really any man anyway. However, they do have some unique perks. The party goes on long into the night, and it’s the perfect way to finish out the

Most guys say they’d love to meet the ladies in person and dance with them… but, not many realize that every town will have their own dance night that can get you noticed and get a tip from a couple. But these are the dances that are most likely to get you noticed.

1. The Weddings with the Bridesmaids

These aren’t all that common. But, you may find that the guy will go all out. Make sure to have a dance partner for any of the steps, or, if you’re a ladies’ man, you can try asking to dance with a group of bridesmaids if they agree.
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2. The Ladies’ Weddings

You might be in the market for a beautiful bride, but there’s also the chance that your wedding day might consist of two men. You may find this dance to be more difficult, but, if you have an A++ chance of dancing solo, you deserve to find the ladies.

3. The Weddings with the Ladies

This is a great dance for you if you can get by with a few dances. But, if you have a pretty amazing dance partner, you can try some different moves before your partner can be in the mood.

4. The Weddings with the Boys

This dance can be hard to come by unless you live near a good dance shop or an area that has tons of them. But if you get someone to put on a show, there’s no getting around it– this is the place to hit it wild!

5. The Weddings in the Park

There are many locations of this dance where you can try your luck. They’ll be at the beach, the park, the bar, anywhere else that there isn’t too much people. Don’t be afraid to join a group of guys in a local park. Not to be missed.

6. The Weddings at the Playground

It won’t always be the one, but if you have that perfect dancer/dance partner, the chances are these will end up being one or more of the dances at your backyard

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