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For example, when it comes to this specific question we found that when asked, “What’s the greatest thing about dancing?” almost half (44 per cent) of couples agreed that it was the feeling of being in total control of your time and movement (46 per cent), as opposed to the feeling of being more relaxed (30 per cent). When asked what most couples have in common, only four in ten (31 per cent) said dancing was most important in their relationship.

(CNN) A federal jury found the former U.S. secretary of state guilty on Wednesday morning of lying to the FBI while under oath about her use of a personal email server for government communications.

In a ruling that was met with a loud round of cheers from the courtroom as the court began deliberating, U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan found that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton knowingly lied on the stand and in interviews and that she intended to mislead the Justice Department investigators.

Sullivan found that Clinton acted with criminal intent in conducting her server in violation of the Federal Records Act. This conviction is the second time Clinton has been charged in connection with such a violation, meaning at least the fourth time she has been indicted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for doing a violation under the law.

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The former secretary of state, who is leading most national polls, will have to surrender all of the emails she has from her private server and her aides have been ordered to hand over to the State Department within 90 days. That process is likely to begin within days or weeks. At the moment though, Sullivan said, it is possible that all of the emails that will be turned over to the State Department will be on a laptop or other computer not designed to store those records.

A number of Clinton’s top aides were questioned about her email server in recent months, most prominently Huma Abedin. In April, Abedin pleaded the Fifth Amendment and refused to answer any questions from Senate investigators during a closed-door session. Sullivan ordered her attorney to file a response in writing to this month’s investigation.

In addition to the charges against Clinton, she was also charged with a number of offenses related to her private server, including violating a ban on government officials using personal email for official business, as well as maintaining classified material on her server in contravention of federal record-keeping law.

CNN’s John King and John King contributed to this report.

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