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The official US Dance Federation website lists “Velvet Romp” as number one and tells us this dance “is fun for beginners but offers challenging steps.”

The dancer I’m talking about isn’t a newcomer (she was a US dancer three years ago at our dance camp in Colorado Springs), it’s a seasoned veteran. She is one of seven US judges for this year’s US Open-up Dance. She’s been to thousands of videos to see which videos are the winners of a worldwide audience. She has to pick one winner and if she can’t choose one then she goes to the next dance.

What’s the process for watching dance videos?

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There are three ways to watch US Open-ups: on the dance videos themselves, through the US Dance Federation’s YouTube Channel, or, if online it can be seen through a mobile device.

The videos themselves are available for viewing on the dance videos YouTube channel, and are also viewable on the dance videos website. These are also viewable on mobile device through the web app. The website only shows videos on a first-come, first-served basis, though, so don’t expect to see it immediately.

There are four steps to watching videos on the dance videos YouTube Channel:

1.) Watch on YouTube

2.) Stream it via your own web browser (i.e. you’ll be asked for a Facebook account)

3.) Find the videos that you want to watch and sign up for a US dance camp or dance camp trainings

4.) Sign up for a US dance camp or dance camp trainings in advance

After you sign up for a dance camp or trainings you will be invited for a live workshop. The day of the live workshop is also at the same time you arrive and there’s no guarantee you’ll be given a spot during it.

Once you’re asked to stream through a web browser, you’re presented with three videos: the original video, the one you’ve streamed from your own web browser, and a one-minute review. If you’re lucky you might find one dance you’d like to move, but this doesn’t always happen. In the US Open-up, if one dance is selected by the dance federation then any videos of people moving it are also streamed.

What are the videos about?

I asked the US Federation to detail all the steps that the dance federation uses for its judging process. The answer was two videos which

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