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The dance style that is used to move the most, and hence the most money is known as the “golden salute”. The dance originated as the French version of “Ode to Joy”. The Americans adopted the form in the 1950s, creating the “American Dance” at the height of the 1960s and 1970s. The Golden Raver is more popular than ever, especially at the summertime. In contrast, the modern dance is popular in a few places around the world.

In the UK, a different term is often used, “Tae Kwon Do” in the north-east where the tradition started, and “American Dance” in the south and west.
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When is it performed?

The dances usually take place on Friday afternoon and Saturday evening.

Where are the dances most popular?

The main dance takes place in some of the north-east’s most popular tourist areas: The Square Mile, the Barmouth Coast, the East Riding and the Black Country.

Where can you find dance lessons?

At the Manchester Dance Hall dance lessons. Contact the dance hall on 0161 230 2344.

Where are traditional dances done?

The Scottish Highland dances are traditional in the Far East and the Korean and Chinese dances are also popular in Asian countries.

Can’t my daughters learn this dance?

The dances must be supervised by a parent or, in exceptional cases, a tutor. The child is still learning with their parents and teachers. It can be very frustrating and scary. However, the child must be encouraged to try it.

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