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The question here is not whether a specific music style could turn into a cultural phenomenon, as we have seen many times before with hip hop and pop genres. The question is, could a particular band or artist who plays those songs be a cultural phenomenon in this current instance of this culture? And the answer here is yes. We don’t even need to compare the cultural impact of a style to other popular culture – in other words, I don’t know what other music would be a cultural phenomenon in this instance of hip hop. I just know that the styles I just mentioned already play a big part in the cultural zeitgeist of our country. Just because the style originated or is popular doesn’t mean we should all assume that it is a cultural phenomenon; and, even if it were, it could still have a cultural impact outside of its own culture. The hip hop style will always be a popular cultural phenomenon; and it will never go away just because people stop liking it.

This said, we can talk about some of the trends and things on culture that are not yet cultural phenomena. The main themes around which we can gather around, are the following:

1. The fact that the music is in fact not about blackness but something else. The fact that in popular music the blackness doesn’t have to be overtly expressed – as most of the songs seem to focus on how things look and feel. The fact that in popular music the blackness is seen as a status thing.

2. The lack of racial diversity in the music itself (e.g. white, black, brown, indian, gay, lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersex, transgender and queer), and as a result the lack of blackness in the music itself (though some of the more mainstream bands and artists may be starting to realize this).

3. The more obvious aspects of the musical style – how it is presented, the words people use in the songs, the music videos, the music and dance moves.

4. In modern hip hop the use of white actors and white producers tends to reflect the fact that the genre is being promoted and promoted a lot by white people.

5. A trend among some white musicians to use the term, “hip hop,” to describe themselves (but more specifically, their music) as opposed to just using the terms, “hip hop.”

This last point is obviously a bit of a bit of a controversial one but, I personally think most white

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