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(This question has two answers: 1) The best dancer in the world is the most famous hip hop dancer in the world, and 2) the best dancer in the world is just plain good. It’s up to them to decide which of these answers they prefer! This doesn’t mean, however, that other questions won’t be on this list. So here goes.

There is no better dancer in the world than Beyonce, who in turn is best known for performing “Single Ladies” with her partner, husband Jay Z. She’s an extremely talented dancer and she’s clearly not afraid to have fun.

The only dancing question I can think of is “Who is the best professional dancer?” What will this be? There’s no one I can think of that is more talented than Lorna DeLuna, but then who am I to pick? I have to go with “The Greatest Dancing Debutante Ever Who Is Losing Her Footage Right Now.” She’s been dancing for 10 years now, after all.

If I didn’t find myself singing like a girl in “Crazy in Love,” let me tell you, it would’ve been a close race. Let’s give it to Jax Taylor: The Best Rap Songwriter Ever, who also has that “we make beats and nobody listens” attitude that is synonymous with him.

If you want your choice of dancer to be some kind of sportsperson, I suggest that you stick to rappers, like Usher, or musicians, like Rihanna: The Best Songs Ever Written (or maybe The Best Songs Ever Wrote in the Beginning), by Drake and Justin Bieber, respectively, though I can’t pretend that I’m a Drake fan. In this case, I can suggest that you stick with “Takeover Tour,” because I think it’s about time that there was a pop culture celebration of dance.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the poll, and thank all the people who took the time to write to us with suggestions for other questions. You all were amazing.

If you want to watch the whole poll here you go.

You know who does not have a dance problem? Rihanna. She’s the best at everything, and with just about every song, she’s always ready to entertain. But why don’t we have a Beyonce problem? You won’t find Beyonce being any less talented than Rihanna performing any dance. The only reason she

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