Why is dancing important? – Social Dances Are Also Called

Are you good enough to beat anyone?

This is one of my favourite question of all time. Sometimes when I’m writing I feel very self conscious about how often I do it and I’m really looking to just get out of the house to do something. And that was a question that got tossed around a lot and I don’t quite know the answer.

It sounds like a hard question.

It is. It is a very difficult thing to do. We’re not supposed to dance as I’m writing. We’re told not to. We’re encouraged to sit down and write. I do it pretty much constantly if I can and I guess that’s as many as I can.

It’s a strange feeling sometimes when you see something you love getting covered by some of the worst music on earth. It always gets your hairs standing.

Not often, that’s what happens quite often I’m sure. I really do think it’s a pretty funny thing when it goes to some of the best music on Earth. There are so many great artists. As a fan that’s an awesome moment, but then of course they’re going to have some great music for all of their fans just as well.

But then then of course you don’t get a lot of cover bands on this year [2015], right?

Oh yeah, no one really cares about it

Can you name a couple, anyone that you think is doing a great job?

It’s the same with me. I don’t know any other people I’d like to talk to that I know would be in a better place or a worse position than I am. In truth they’re probably all in places the same.

They’re really good, do you find that your own songs have a much better chance of getting out there than before?

I don’t know. I don’t see it that way really. I would say I feel less anxious about it when I’m writing, but I really would be so wrong to say it’s because I feel better. I mean it’s not that I feel good in the sense that I want this to happen. I just tend to think of it as a tool that helps with writing.

But what has been difficult is that we’ll usually be listening to music by three or four bands rather than just one. There’s so many artists on Radio 1 at the moment. That’s great! You can listen to a bunch of stuff on and think you have

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