Why is dancing important? – Social Theories In Sociology

It is the essence of being human, the essence of our existence. It is the fundamental dance of society, and it is the dance of the human being – dancing for his life, his family, his community and his country, dancing for the joy of dance. There are no other forms of dance in existence. It is the quintessential dance, if there is such a thing. I could give you hundreds of dances – many of them were not originally created for dance. They are dance music, but they were never created for dance, they were never meant for dance, and that is the point.

Why is dancing important to me as a dancer?
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For me today, as somebody who has been dancing forever, as somebody who has been around the world for so long, as somebody who was in London with the band called The Kinks and had the honour of dancing with some of the greatest female dancers in the world, I feel I understand dance intimately. I understand its essence as it was originally conceived; I understand the dance, the music as it was originally conceived. I understand the art and technology, because I have seen it many times in action. But I am able to see how each moment in the day is built upon years of work and of dedication. It is like taking an automobile apart because you are getting to the age of 35 and learning how to drive one, and you take a wrecking ball, smash it, and you are able to then have the whole car again. What other art is there that has that type of versatility, where you can take a bunch of things and build a whole car – it’s a complete system of systems. The same with dance. We have the entire dance system in our living room, but it all comes together. I see every dancer as a piece of the puzzle, as a member of the dance system.

What do I do for dance now?

I travel, and I perform on Broadway. I am a touring professional, I have been touring the world – and the people have really embraced us. In terms of our international presence, we have had very, very good reviews for having toured South America and Asia, and having the tour of Britain recently. People love us and they feel we are doing it the right way when they see us. They don’t feel, though, you don’t want to buy a t-shirt that says, “I am a member of the Kinks and I am going to die”. People do like to

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