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Social dance is one of the reasons, if not the reason, why I run the Social Dance website. If you want to become a better dancer, you need to know how to do basic footwork. You learn how to balance for different rhythms, while in other cases, you want to get the feel for more complex movements as well. With the help of Social Dance, you can learn the basics with your own time.

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The Giant Squid, which appears in The Binding of the Link, is a large fish-like creature found in the ocean, which serves as a key element in its attack animation and moves. The first time Samus encounters it, it is found near the entrance to the Sea Temple, but this time it is behind the large statue, and is far too large to simply climb.


The giant squid has a large gill-like structure on top, which looks like a squid mouth. Its body is red in color, with a red gill protruding from it. The giant squid also has two large dorsal fins covering its body. The gill-like structure on top is also similar to the eyes of a fish, and is colored blue in color. They have several large, black eyes that look like a small shark teeth. The eye-like protrusions of the giant squid are also similar to the mouth-like protrusions of a shark. One eye is large and has a large black pupil, while the other is brown and large and has an eye with some red eyes. If the giant squid looks directly at Samus, then Samus must use her Missile Suit. If the giant squid does not look directly at Samus, then she cannot target it with her Missile Suit and must take cover and avoid attacks. If the giant squid attacks at point blank range, then there is no reason to even look at the creature.

The giant squid has the same attack animation for when it uses its claw (but without the mouth in-between). This attack animation also has some similarities to the attack of the Giant Octoroks.

When it is at full health, the giant squid’s body is red and it is completely engulfed in blue light. It has two eyes on the sides and a large black mouth with a large blue fin protruding from it. During this period, it is very easy to hit it from behind and if Samus falls to her bottom, she will instantly be damaged. However,

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