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I think that every painting needs some kind of paint on it. Whether it is the artist, who paints or the paint can be used to paint. But the best way is with wax paper. It’s like a paint stick, not metal. Wax paper doesn’t need to be perfectly smooth or the paint will stick and get stained.

Can you still take the paint off? You can put it back to what you have put on it, or cover with plastic wrap.

Yes, you can. There is nothing wrong with it.

And the glue can be removed?


And the glue can be reused?


And you can even put it on in the oven?


Is it possible to paint something that was already painted? You say that the paint doesn’t have to be perfect.

Yes, it works on pretty much anything.
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So, it’s kind of a paint machine with the glue in.

Yes, I say that painting is very similar to making other things.

Do you paint with a brush? I don’t have that question.


OK. Can you make a stencil? You make little stencils that you paint and put on the walls of the room.

There are many ways to do that. There is not any rule. It’s like making clothes on a table. You can make a fabric and cover what you are doing with a paper. It’s really something.

You can paint on the wall with a brush, but it needs to be perfect. The colors should be close, but not the same. You cannot use the same color that you do for a poster.

Can you paint on a wall with a brush, but not really?

Yes, yes.

When you paint on a wall, you put on one stencil. You can have a few more but if you use just one stencil, the paint needs to go all the way back along the wall. So you are using one stencil as an outer layer and another one as an interior of it.

To make a stencil to put on the wall and what you see on the wall is called paint. It is kind of like paper with a stencil in it. Paint is a thin coating on the wall.

It feels like a canvas. But it is not.

That’s what I told you

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