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While some vinyls will be completely transparent to the touch, others, such as vinyls made of nylon or polypropylene, may be translucent (with the result that the label will look very translucent) unless they are painted or varnished. You can also paint vinyls, if desired, to make a gloss finish or a glossy or matte surface.

Can a vinyl be tinted?

Tinting vinyls is an easy job, but the quality will be poorer than if the vinyl was painted or varnished. Although most plastic has UV protection, if an oil or lacquer is used that is resistant to UV rays (usually the best choice) then a tint such as orange will be added. A matte vinyl can also be tinted with a clear or white oil and it will work well.

Will vinyls be able to withstand washing and drying?

The vinyl’s durability can always be questioned. There can be very slight shrinkage when the vinyl is dried, but this is easily checked.
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My vinyl’s surface is pitted or roughened. How do I fix this?
from the outside of the plastic, the vinyl will have a pitted surface. It will not break down into microscopic crystals after a little drying time. When the vinyl is used on its full size, the pitting will be a bit larger than the surface of the vinyl. This is caused by microscopic flaws that form during bonding.

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