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Yes. The “T-shirt-front” effect can be achieved by pressing a light weight, thick cotton fabric (70-75 microns) directly onto the top of a standard-sized flat surface before drying to remove any wrinkles. It can be printed directly onto t-shirts, hoodies, skirts, sweatshirts, and outerwear. It can be used to create a very smooth, smooth surface. It requires little in the way of skill and comes in various levels of precision. A great option for the beginner user.

It should be a matter of no surprise to anyone that a man who has so frequently called for Americans to kill their government for treason has a long track record of supporting mass murder on a grand scale and having his own children be gunned down in cold blood and whose company profits, in 2014 alone, with nearly $11 billion in profits.

But it should be no surprise to anyone who has followed the career of Ted Nugent, a man who has called for citizens to murder their government on national television, that Nugent’s wife, Kimberly, also has ties to a number of the people who have been involved with the shooting in Nevada, including the husband of the alleged shooter.

Kimberly Nugent is married to the co-CEO of a company that is listed as one of the nation’s largest private equity investors and has contributed to campaigns of individuals who have been involved in extreme right wing political causes, including John McCain and Karl Rove. Her husband Fred Hochberg is a Republican political donor and is the former chief of staff to New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. Hochberg was also recently convicted on charges of campaign financing fraud.

Kimberly Nugent has also been an active supporter of Ted Nugent’s various gun rights causes throughout her lifetime, which has led some to wonder what role her husband’s name might have in her involvement. In a statement released today she said, “Unfortunately, his politics have been out of line with our family values ever since the days of Ted Nugent. He does, however, have and have loved his guns. He owns the entire gun rights business and all of the firearms that are being manufactured there as well.”

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Her statement goes on to say that her husband “does not buy into the anti-gun movement and does not support politicians who try to take away everyone’s right to bear arms under any circumstances.” She goes on to declare: “And that is why I have been the sole owner of The Gun Store for

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