Can I spray paint furniture without sanding? – Las Vegas Street Spray Paint Art Demonstrations Marjolein

Yes. You can water paint furniture without sanding the surface to get a rough finish. Spray paint finishes require only a small amount of sanding to clean up a finish and leave no swirls. When sanding, you will need to be careful not to burn any delicate fabrics.

Does it need to be professionally dry cleaned?

No. You can do it yourself or buy dry conditioner specifically for furniture.

How long does it take to spray paint furniture?

Generally 2-5 days per side of furniture. Do not use hot water because high temperatures can ruin dry paint.

Where can I find more information about furniture dry brushing?

If you have any questions about dry brushing, please click here.

How do I dry brush my furniture?

1. Check that the surface of your furniture is smooth.

2. Clean dry wood with rubbing alcohol solution. Rubbing alcohol works best for wood that has been sanded to remove swirls and small dust flecks.

3. Use a small brush to apply pressure to the surface with a paint brush.

4. Apply pressure on the surface until the paint is even and spreads.

5. Brush off excess paint in an even coat of paint to keep dust free.

What are the best areas to wash my furniture?

If you think your wood is in need of refinishing, you should have a professional painter to touch up your work. Do not use a hobbyist to touch up the surface because you’ll be putting sand on the surface to speed up the drying process.

Do you have a drying zone in your shop?

No. Dry brushing should only be done in the most severe cases.

Does it need a lot of time to dry?

No. The drying process takes less than an hour.

Is it true that furniture dry brushing is dangerous?

No and that’s because you are being careful with sand, water, and the proper equipment.

If you want to learn more and do it yourself, please click here.

Do you have any other tips for dry brushing furniture?

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