Can I spray paint furniture without sanding? – Spray Paint Art Room Wall

You can but you’re unlikely to receive any free labor.

Is this all you can paint on your own?

No. You’ll need to hire other artists to do something for you. You won’t get paid for the work you’ve already done.

What’s an example of an acceptable painting that I can use to paint my furniture?

Most of our furniture can be painted but only the ones that meet certain criteria can be displayed publicly. So a painting that is too thin or too large may be considered offensive.

How can I find someone who’s willing to paint on my furniture?

Ask around and contact the store directly for references.

Where can I buy paints?
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We offer a variety of paints at this price range and you can visit any of our retail locations.

My client says that she doesn’t need paint as she’s decorating her shop. What should I do?

If she simply needs to cover up some of the paint, she can just apply it later as needed. We’d want to know and be happy to work with her.

Where can I buy paint?

We sell paint at our retail locations, local art supply stores and online. If you know of a local store that has paint, please email us so we can try and get the store on the list too.

Where should I live if I can’t paint my own furniture?

This will depend on whether you have a large or small home, what you paint your furniture on, and if you actually want to live in that building.

What if I don’t have a large kitchen or floor plan?

If you don’t have many rooms to paint, or if you don’t have a kitchen or floor plan then you’ll need to rent out a floor that is at least 3/8th the size of your home.

If you’re moving in next door, or you find large spaces difficult to fit, we can accommodate for this. Please inquire about our larger sizes.

What type of wall can I paint with paint thinner?

You can paint with paint thinner on any type of wallpaper or sheetrock that fits on a wall, including brick. This can also be done on tiles. You will have to hire a painter for the smaller areas but if you’re unsure, you can contact us to discuss your options.

What can I do with my wall?

Paint it to your

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